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Ingredients  provide a detoxifying action in our body, which promotes deflation of vital organs such as the liver, among others.

These organs, previously detoxified, perform their functions in a more effective way than that reflected in the greater energy and better digestion.

It also promotes the oxidation of fat in these organs and in parts of the body with greater accumulation of fat.

– Herbs mix as Garnicia Cambogia, and Mexican traditional plants such as “Tlanchalagua”* and “Cocolmeca”*, Thermo-té supports the thermogenic action of our body, promoting the rapid reduction of fat from different areas of the body.

– Promotes flat stomach.

* For more information about the benefits that Latinos attribute to the bad, (without proven clinical reports) visit:  www.bestylecompany.com/knowing-the-plants of-mexico/

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