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Special and delicious formula based on whey protein and soy protein that helps the regeneration of the body, especially muscle, hair, nails and skin. Unlike many other products, “Nutrilicious” contains “chromium,” an essential mineral that helps keep blood glucose levels within normal limits. Helps control cravings.

“Nutrilicious” is reinforced with vitamins and minerals of high quality, essential to maintain a healthy diet.

– It contains chromium that helps regulate the levels of glucose preventing cravings by eating carbohydrates and desserts and decreasing ismunuye the anxiety to eat constantly.

– Improves and promotes a healthy level of blood glucose.

– With natural ingredients such as: “garnicia cambogia” ‘”apple cider vinegar” and “grapefruit powder”, among other ingredients; which are known to increase the oxidation of fatty acids.

– Added with essential vitamins that our body requires daily, including vitamin B6, B12, iron and folic acid

– Ideal for all kinds of people who want to reduce their appetite to control their weight, even without having to do a physical activity.

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