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A natural supplement formulated to suppress hunger and combat obesity. It consists of natural herb extracts whose benefits are known worldwide because of their effectiveness and acceptance by doctors who work in Weight Reduction Programs.
DELGALINDA doesn’t require a sacrifice for the person interested in losing weight, but instead, it can become part of  a healthy eating habit.


Flaxseed fibers provide great benefits to those who suffer from constipation and help our cardiovascular system by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in our blood stream.
The Oleic Acids (omega 9) (omega 6) and omega 3 – which is the most important and abundant of the three – is part of the good cholesterol. All these are found in Flax seed, which is why DELGALINDA contradicts statistics that suggest that those who are on a diet, regain their lost weight.
DELGALINDA is taken as a food supplement that suppresses hunger without adding calories to one’s body; Calories that will create an excess which will lead to weight gain.
There are many different drugs on the market to help people lose weight, but they all have secondary adverse effects and a potential risk to one’s health.
Dr. Frank Balderrama informs us that Delgalinda helps his patients lose weight and that it improves their quality of life.

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