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“El Doctor de la Television”
Frank J. Balderrama, M.D.
Co-Founder, Balderrama Medical Clinic


Frank J. Balderrama MD is a distinguished medical professional and media expert. Together with his brother, Dr. Erick R. Balderrama, they have more than 60 years of combined medical experience serving the vast Latino population of Los Angeles through the Balderrama Medical Clinic in Van Nuys. They have been providing quality and affordable medical care as well as ongoing medical outreach services to this largely, under-served demographic.
Dr. Frank Balderrama realizes the need of health information in the Latino community, and in order to fill that void, he has shared his medical knowledge on television, radio and print through numerous news programs for many years. Because of this, Dr Frank Balderrma has been dubbed “El Doctor de la Television” by his own patients and the community at large. He is known for the medical advice he offers on the air as well as for his vision of health and longevity which he shares with the community by providing them with the proper tools.
His TV and radio appearances have gotten enthusiastic responses from programmers and viewers alike due not only to his medical expertise, but also his charisma and effective communication skills.
Raised in East Los Angeles, Frank Balderrama’s dream was to become a doctor and, in doing so, provide high quality medical care to the Latino Community.
Dr. Frank Balderrama began his medical career at East L.A. College and then he transferred to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where he received his Pre-Med training. Then, in 1978, Dr. Balderrama earned a Medical Doctorate Degree from Autonomous University of Guadalajara Mexico from which he graduated with Honors.
For the next few years, he did his residency training at Atlantic City Medical Center in New Jersey and at the Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens, New York. In 1984, equipped now with two medical degrees, an unusual achievement among most Latino doctors, Dr. Frank Balderrama returned to Los Angeles where he and his older brother, Erick Balderrama M.D. (who also possesses dual medical degrees in the United States and Mexico) founded Balderrama Medical Clinic in Van Nuys.
From the start, Drs. Frank and Erick had high expectations for their medical practice. They cater mostly to the Spanish-Speaking community of the San Fernando Valley. Dr. Frank’s primary mission was, and still is, to provide excellent health care to the Latino community while educating them so that they can improve their health habits and diet.
Committed to serving as a health role model for his patients, Dr. Balderrama has a workout regimen that includes jogging, martial arts, and playing basketball, as well as a nutritious diet and vitamins.
To reach the Spanish-Speaking markets of Los Angeles, he has invested thousands of hours of his time appearing on local and national TV and Radio programs where he provides information about current health issues. He was a guest on Eduardo Lopez-Navarro’s “En Privado”, a national broadcast radio show from Univision as well as serving as medical commentator on the network’s local television KMEX’s channel 34. He’s also had numerous appearances on TV Azteca (KAZA TV 54) and Telemundo’s “Todo Bebe” and “Hoy” TV shows. As guest host, he has provided medical advice on diverse topics, from caring for infants and toddlers to the benefits of Stem Cell Research, medical usage of marijuana, and the dangers surrounding the West Nile Virus.
Dr. Balderrama has also been a guest of the Reverendo Castaño Show on MMP TV (Channel 38), guest appearances on Univision’s nationally-viewed “Despierta America” show, and Telemundo’s KVEA 52 “Salud y Bienestar” show, hosted by Maria Rubalcava. Local TV Station KWHY 22 has also requested Dr. Balderrama for his medical expertise as well as Estrella TV’s KRCA 62, Channel 27 (World Television) and in his well-known role as featured medical expert on KTLA TV (Channel 5) with host Ray Gonzalez.
Dr. Frank is the former medical host of the weekly Radio La Mexicana program “Cuidando su Salud”, and has been featured on Renan Armendarez Coello’s radio show “El CUCUY de la Mañana” on La Nueva (101.9 FM).
With their extensive service to their communities, Dr. Balderrama and his brother Erick have been featured in La Opinion, L.A.’s largest daily Spanish language newspaper; the prestigious San Fernando Valley Business Journal, L.A. Daily News, La Guia, Variedades, Tu Mundo, Imagen Latina, Pasadena Weekly, and the British Business publication, Big Issue.
Dr. Frank is currently looking for opportunities to serve as spokesperson for companies or organizations serving the greater Latino market of Southern California.
In 2004, Drs Frank and Erick released a breakthrough product: Doctors Balderrama Vitamins for children and adults as well as coral calcium supplements – an important supplement that can provide a profound improvement to one’s health.
Dr. Frank Balderrama has seen with great concern the rise in obesity and diabetes among the Latino community and, in an attempt to help eradicate this problem, he has volunteered his time to speak at health fairs, nonprofit organizations, and at churches about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the value of preventive medicine, daily exercise, better eating habits, and quitting smoking and drinking.
Dr. Balderrama hopes that his example inspires the younger generations to become doctors, so that future generations enjoy the benefits of longevity and good health.